Lee Anne Park  – A simple introduction to my work

Pictures speak volumes and I will trust that by viewing my art you will understand a great deal of what I do as an artist the way I draw and manipulate the media. The presentation on this website  is representative of the paintings and various art pieces that I have created. Wildlife and animals have always been a major focus of my work.

Media – well, I never confine myself to one or another. All forms of paints, inks, dyes, pastels drawing implements and scratching tools are employed to achieve the desired results at one time or another.  And, supports – I use  stones, canvas, papers, including handmade bark paper, or anything that sparks that creative interest.

My work has been juried by many art leagues throughout the Arizona valley, with many awards for paintings and artistic creations in major shows.  More of my work can be viewed at www.azartalliance.com website and at sonoranartsleague.org website. Thank you for taking an interest. Some of the pieces are still available, many are shown to let you see the depth and breadth of the things I do. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.